About Us

 About Us


ONE Advocacy Derby (OAD) is the city’s new integrated advocacy service. It brings together all independent statutory and non-statutory advocacy in Derby so that people who need emotional support and practical advice can access it from one point.

OAD also provides specialist advocacy and representation for people with mental health problems who have substantial difficulty in being involved in their own care. This includes people who qualify under the Mental Health Act (IMHA service) and/or the Mental Capacity Act (IMCA service).

We also provide an independent complaints service (ICAS) for people who need support in challenging their healthcare arrangements.

Derby City Council  must provide you with an independent advocate to assist you in the assessment process (and after) if:

without support you would have ‘substantial difficulty’ in communicating your wishes, or understanding, retaining and assessing information during the assessment and there is no other appropriate person who is able and willing to help you.


Advocacy under the Care Act

Local Authorities now have a duty to  involve people in any decisions they make about their care and support. People now have the opportunity to be directly involved in the assessment of their care needs, their planning and their support. The Care Act also involves people in the decisions on how money will be spent on their care.

To ensure people understand any decisions made about their care the act also provides the right for eligible people to have independent advocacy to support them to be involved in any care and support assessment, planning and review processes.

To help you understand more about the Act, the Government has created a series of fact sheets which are accessible through the links below or if you feel you need help in understanding how the act affects you, your family or friends you can call our help line directly on 01332 228748:


You may find the Government fact sheets really helpful but if you find them hard to understand click here for an easy read version.

As Derby’s single point of access to all advocacy services, you will be quickly directed to the most appropriate support. And our “once and done” triage means that you or your client will only ever need to complete one gateway assessment no matter how many times you use any of OAD’s services.

Our services respond to the client’s needs, which is why we provide a range of advocacy services under the Care Act:
Self-advocacy, support to empower people to get their voices heard and make informed choices about their care and support
Citizen advocacy, where trained volunteers and carers provide personalised support
Group advocacy, which allows people with similar backgrounds to come together to have their voices heard
Community advocacy, which is advocates providing support out in Derby’s communities.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch.